This is the entire Cosmic Clock teaching made popular by the book "Cosmic Shift" by Christopher Paul Carter. Each recorded video session covers subjects like: the Mazzaroth, time, the cosmic ages, and the soon coming next age. This entire teaching is broken up into multiple classes to make for an engaging and enlightening learning experience!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Hi, I’m Christopher

Christopher Paul Carter was born in Houston, Texas, but spent most of his formative years in the Carolinas and Pennsylvania. Having a passion for Science, he studied Physics at the College of Charleston and has taught Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Philosophy, over the course of his professional career. Beginning his ministry in a mainstream denominational setting, a Holy Spirit encounter and subsequent awakening of spiritual senses, along with accompanying Heavenly journeys with the Father, Jesus, and angelic beings, directed his path out of mainstream church life and into the instructive role of “transitionary missionary”. He believes his calling is to help God’s people enter directly into the Heavenly realms, cooperating and receiving directly from our Father and His Holy Beings through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He travels the country teaching many different groups, as well as providing a variety of books, workshops, and equipping / training materials through his ministry, Discover the Heavens.